Our programmes are funded entirely through the sales of our products and donations. We would not be able to provide the education, skill set and opportunity to the women of Nicaragua without you.

You are the difference in a ‘woman’s’ life. To donate and learn more about our donation packages please click HERE

Chureca Chic


You can also support EEP’s work by purchasing and sharing the CHURECA CHIC products. Gift them, wear them, love them; our range of handmade, unique and recycled jewellery and stationary empowers women in Nicaragua with education, steady income and job training. Click the link to our STORE to support our cause



Donate your time, share a skill, recycle a future.

Without the generosity of our donors and those people who have donated their times and skills to helping set up EEP and make EEP possible we would not be where we are today.

Volunteering for a charity and a cause you believe in is extremely rewarding and is also invaluable to the charity itself. There are many ways you can VOLUNTEER with EEP:

Market Volunteers

EEP aims to become a sustainable charity through the sales of the products we teach the women to make. If you have a local market that you think we should sell our products at or perhaps you know of a store where you think EEP would fit their clientèle then you can help. You can sell our products at the market or you can be an EEP ambassador and approach stores with our products and business prices. For further information please email info@eartheducationproject.org


As EEP is a small charity you will have a lot of responsibility from the start and gain experience in many areas of the operations of a charity. Projects will be based on general project operations happening at the time but are tailored to a volunteer’s skill set and experience:

  1. From home? You can support EEP with fundraising, research and establishing partnerships with universities and schools. Email us at info@eartheducationproject.org if you would like to get involved.
  2. Our volunteer placements in Nicaragua are ongoing. The requirements are that you speak Spanish and can commit to at least 3 weeks. There is no maximum stay. International volunteers each have specific projects that they work odn alongside supporting the general programme operations happening at the time of your stay. Download our volunteer pack

We frequently need bi-lingual Spanish/English speakers to help us translate our reports and promotional materials. If you can donate a few hours as a one – off or on a regular basis get in touch at info@eartheducationproject.org


Part of the EEP educational programme consists of social development workshops for the women. These cover topics such as women’s health, child nutrition, sexual health, communication skills. If you are a teacher, social worker, or have any experience designing workshops for marginalized youth/adult groups you could donate a workshop structure or lesson plan to EEP. Email us at info@eartheducationproject.org


In the same way as with the internship, the support you can offer depends on where you are based. Regardless, the volunteer programme is for people who can offer their time to us for a few hours on a one off or every now and again: we are open to all the help we can get. We are particularly in in need of help in marketing, fundraising and brainstorming!


Our trading arm CHURECA CHIC has design and marketing internship programmes. If you are interested please email andrea@churecachic.com



Age: 27

What do you do with EEP: Yoga Instructor

Why did you decide to be a Volunteer with EEP: I wanted to work with women who had suffered from physical and/or emotional abuse. I ultimately became inspired to support women in such situations when I was in Cambodia; I became very connected with the lives of women who were experiencing violence in the form of sex slavery. EEP has given me the opportunity to re-connect with women struggling at the hands of violence, playing a role in their empowerment.


Puerto Rican

What do you do with EEP: I am a volunteer psychologist that started here last September. My work complements that of the full time psychologist Belinda, supporting the psychological programme in any way I can.

Why did you decide to be Volunteer with EEP: Because I am very interested in the empowerment of women. I love the enthusiasm of the women and being able to see the development of women throughout the programme is incredible. I believe the empowerment of women now has a huge role to play in the lives of generations of women to come.


Age: 41

What do you do with EEP: I teach English once a week to the staff. We are working to explore the basics and above all how to hold a basic conversation.

Why did you decide to be a volunteer: Because I see the enthusiasm that these women have and I would love to share a little bit of what I know. It is a beautiful project that I am privileged to be a part of.

Voluntarias Teresa, Marta y Rocio

Teresa, Marta and Rocio
Ages: 23, 23 and 21

What do you do with EEP: We are students from the Complutense University in Madrid. We are consolidating the educational methodology used in the teaching manual, and giving sessions to the participants and staff on personal and professional development, and women’s health.

Why did you decide to be Volunteer with EEP: When we found out about EEP we wanted to support the staff and participants in training, given our own background in education and psychology. Being part of the EEP team has completely exceeded our expectations, and has allowed us to be completely conscious of the need to work with women, prioritising their labour training to empower them and allow for a better quality of life.

Aricquel Payne

Age: 24
US American

What do you do with EEP: I am working with EEP on the monitoring and evaluation of the organisation’s corporate partnerships. I will also be assisting in the analysis of the data collected through this process.

Why did you decide to be a Volunteer: I am a Masters student at the Middlebury Institute, California, and I decided to volunteer as part of my course because of the organisation’s dedication to finding solutions to the common issue of women’s unemployment in its community. I wanted to be a part of helping women cultivate the tools necessary for self-empowerment. I was also interested in the intersections between nonprofits and social enterprise, and EEP – Chureca Chic is one of the leaders of this concept in Nicaragua.

Voluntarias Monica y Marta

Monica and Marta
Age: 21 and 22

What do you do with EEP: We are working in project with EEP’s associated social enterprise, CHURECA CHIC. We are creating branding and distributor guidelines, ready for more national and international sales.

Why did you decide to be a Volunteer: We are students at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, and are here via the exchange programme organised by UCA (Universidad Centro Americana) as part of our course. We are delighted to be supporting such an innovative social enterprise, and have been able to experience work in a fast-paced start-up which makes a real impact on the lives of some of the most disadvantaged in Nicaraguan society.

Martin Jimenez

Age: 28

What do you do with EEP: I have been helping with the implementation of the social impact metrics system, and have been working on fundraising strategies, including a social media campaign.

Why did you decide to be Volunteer with EEP: I wanted to contribute towards achieving gender equality in my country. Everyday, women face huge obstacles in Nicaraguan society, despite gains being made in some areas. I have been inspired by the all-encompassing work of EEP, which I see as both sustainable and comprehensive, with such a broad impact.