Our programmes are funded entirely through the sales of our products and donations. We would not be able to provide the education, skill set and opportunity to the women of Nicaragua without you.

You are the difference in a ‘woman’s’ life. To donate and learn more about our donation packages please click HERE

Chureca Chic


You can also support EEP’s work by purchasing and sharing the CHURECA CHIC products. Gift them, wear them, love them; our range of handmade, unique and recycled jewellery and stationary empowers women in Nicaragua with education, steady income and job training. Click the link to our STORE to support our cause



Donate your time, share a skill, recycle a future.

Without the generosity of our donors and those people who have donated their times and skills to helping set up EEP and make EEP possible we would not be where we are today.

Volunteering for a charity and a cause you believe in is extremely rewarding and is also invaluable to the charity itself. There are many ways you can VOLUNTEER with EEP:



As EEP is a small charity you will have a lot of responsibility from the start and gain experience in many areas of the operations of a charity. Projects will be based on general project operations happening at the time but are tailored to a volunteer’s skill set and experience:

  1. From home? You can support EEP with fundraising, research and establishing partnerships with universities and schools. Email us at info@eartheducationproject.org if you would like to get involved.
  2. Our volunteer placements in Nicaragua are ongoing. The requirements are that you speak Spanish and can commit to at least 3 weeks. There is no maximum stay. International volunteers each have specific projects that they work odn alongside supporting the general programme operations happening at the time of your stay. Download our volunteer pack






Puerto Rican

What do you do with EEP: I am a volunteer psychologist that started here last September. My work complements that of the full time psychologist Belinda, supporting the psychological programme in any way I can.

Why did you decide to be Volunteer with EEP: Because I am very interested in the empowerment of women. I love the enthusiasm of the women and being able to see the development of women throughout the programme is incredible. I believe the empowerment of women now has a huge role to play in the lives of generations of women to come.