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We Are EEP

Yesterday we celebrated Nicaraguan Mother’s Day and though we have plenty of updates to share, we wanted to focus today on one thing; our scholarship programme.

Our scholarship programme facilitates access to the job market for women who would otherwise have no opportunities. This year, all of our students are mothers; unfortunately in Nicaragua, this means they have even more obstacles to face in the search for a secure job.

Scholarships for mothers

Many of us can compare similar memories of the essential support our own mothers gave us; she got us ready to go to school, she told us off for not doing our homework, she advises us on our careers and is there when our hearts break. Imagine a parallel universe where your mum could not help with homework because she could not read. Where there was no food at home, and you had to work instead of going to school.

Some of the women we support started work as young as 8 years old, and became mothers as young as 12. A lack of education not only scuppers a child’s chances, but also the chances of their children. If this generation of women does not have access to opportunities to get into work, the next will not either.

EEP’s job skill training programme is a practical and sustainable solution to the gaps in education. Our programmes, our trading arm, our donors and the funds we raise provide quality, flexible education and job opportunities; we provide a solution to the multi-dimensional problems of poverty.

Be part of the solution

The value of an EEP Scholarship is $2,300 for each woman. After 1 year a woman is ready for employment. The value of this scholarship is priceless when in 1 year you can turn not just a mother’s life around but that of her children as well.

We’re half-way through the year with the class of 2017. 40 women who are absolute inspirations because they are making the most of this opportunity.

Join us in making this happen by making a donation to our scholarship fund here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this scholarship appeal.

It’s because of you that we are here. Whether you have been supporting us for years or whether you are new to it all, what YOU do makes OUR work possible. We are just a small charity with huge dreams. We hope you appreciate us as much as we appreciate your support. 

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