Awarded for our social impact in Nicaragua

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Earth Eductaion Project was awarded the national  prize by APEN – the Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua –  for the social impact of our work empowering women in Nicaragua in 2014.


Left to right: Ana Gonzalez – EEP Country Coordinator, Silvia Mendez – EEP Administrator, Andrea Paltzer – EEP Founder awarded by APEN for our social impact in Nicaragua in 2014


Empowered Women: Women are able to stand up to domestic violence as we equip them with the skills needed to deal with such situations

60% of women on our programme report improved family situations

Women are empowered to become independent as they receive their own income for participating at EEP

100% of participants successfully manage the income of their families.  As a result of the increase in income from EEP’s economic stipend, they can cover costs which they could not do before

We continue to achieve 100% literacy rates in our participants

40 children received medical attention

100% of participant’s children go to school

Our education and vocational training courses mean within 12 months women are literate and possess the skills to integrate into the labour market

We are creating sustainable supply chains for retailers through partnering with local businesses to recycle

We taught new communities how to set up and run a paper recycling workshop. This is a new paid course we offer to communities to be able to spread our knowledge and also generate income for EEP

We have formed partnerships with designers and local businesses to guarantee places of employment for women graduating the programme at the end of 2015

We have brought the CHURECA CHIC model into national focus and received international recognition

We have formed new retail partnerships

We are contributing to the regeneration of artisan craftsmanship

We participated in London Fashion Week

We became founding members of the UK Ethical Fashion Forum and headlined at SOURCE, the world’s largest trade showcase for sustainable brands.

Watch our video made with testimonies of the women we work with to learn more about our programmes and how they have changed their lives:

Thank you to all our supporters – you are helping us to grow and to make the impact we do.