Corporate and Partnerships

The purpose of our hybrid model combining charity, EEP, with a social enterprise trading arm, Chureca Chic is to create a self-funding charity and replicable social enterprise model. To ensure that our charity’s impact and our trading arm grow, we require support from external associations. In supporting us in any way possible, you will be part of a lasting legacy for women’s empowerment in Latin America; ultimately in the creation of an innovative charity and social enterprise model.

We can work with you to develop a partnership that will meet your CSR aims and deliver on shared goals to become an effective force, empowering women with education and job opportunities in Nicaragua and potentially beyond. We will stay in touch with regular updates and reports on your impact and demonstrate the outcome of your investment in EEP. For further information please email

What you can do

Our corporate partners


As part of our work we create alliances with the private sector to secure jobs for women according to their set of skills gained during their training with EEP. All of this partnerships are key to ensuring that students move out of poverty and achieve stable work.

Types of alliances we seek

  • Employment opportunity
  • Donations in kind
  • Monetary donations


Retailers If you are interested in stocking the CHURECA CHIC products please email and visit the website