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Our programmes are funded entirely through the sales of our products and donations. We would not be able to provide the education, skill set and opportunity to the women of Nicaragua without you. You are the difference in a ‘woman’s’ life. To donate and learn more about our donation packages please click HERE


You can also support EEP’s work by purchasing and sharing the CHURECA CHIC products. Gift them, wear them, love them; our range of handmade, unique and recycled jewellery and stationary empowers women in Nicaragua with education, steady income and job training. Click the link to our STORE to support our cause


Donate your time, share a skill, recycle a future.

Without the generosity of our donors and those people who have donated their times and skills to helping set up EEP and make EEP possible we would not be where we are today.

Volunteering for a charity and a cause you believe in is extremely rewarding and is also invaluable to the charity itself. There are many ways you can VOLUNTEER with EEP:


EEP aims to become a sustainable charity through the sales of the products we teach the women to make. If you have a local market that you think we should sell our products at or perhaps you know of a store where you think EEP would fit their clientèle then you can help. You can sell our products at the market or you can be an EEP ambassador and approach stores with our products and business prices.


EEP has a rolling volunteer internship. As EEP is a small charity you will have a lot of responsibility from the start and gain experience in many areas of the administration and operations of a charity.  For further information please email info@eartheducationproject.org


Our volunteer placements in Nicaragua are ongoing. The requirements are that you speak Spanish and can commit to at least 3 weeks. There is no maximum stay. International volunteers each have specific projects that they work on alongside supporting the general programme operations happening at the time of your stay. The individual projects are based on a volunteer’s skill set and experience. For example, if you are good at making films, we would use that skill to create videos and media. Past volunteer individual projects have included making videos on how we make the paper products for promotional material, working with local schools by teaching students to recycle with EEP, teaching art classes to EEP participants and our current volunteer is creating the centre garden and working on establishing partnerships with local businesses. We do not charge a fee but volunteers will have to organise their own travel and accommodation – which we can help with – and we ask that you participate in a set of ‘Action at home’ activities pre and post departure to raise awareness and funds, a minimum of £300 to donate to EEP. For a copy of our volunteer packs and further information email info@eartheducationproject.org


We frequently need bi-lingual Spanish/English speakers to help us translate our reports and promotional materials. If you can donate a few hours as a one – off or on a regular basis get in touch at info@eartheducationproject.org


Part of the EEP eductaional programme consists of social development workshops for the women . These cover topics such as women’s health, child nutrition, sexual health, communications skills. If you are a teacher, social worker, or have experience designing workshops for marginalized youth/adult groups you could donate a workshop structure or lesson plan to EEP. Email us at info@eartheducationproject.org