Earth Education Project

is now

XtraOrdinary Women

We decided it was time for our name and organization’s image to align better with what we do: empowering women, extraordinary women at that. On march 8th, this year, we changed our name and social media handles from Earth Education Project to XtraOrdinary Women. Soon follow us at @xtraordinaryorg. For now we will keep you updated here.

We believe in giving an opportunity to those who have never had it. We believe in women, and in their eagerness to move their children forward. We believe in sharing knowledge that will serve and last a lifetime. We believe that work dignifies. We believe in soft skills, psycho-social support and art to inspire us.



We know an opportunity has the power to change a woman’s life, and the lives around her.  Over the last 10 years we have supported hundreds of XtraOrdinary Women who have shown us the courage it takes to take a chance and the strength they have to make the change and break away from cycles of poverty and violence.