Earth Education Project

Browse the SUENOS COLLECTION for our label CHURECA CHIC. 

The SUENOS collection is filled with statement pieces enabling you to express your inner creativity through your outward style. Our new innovative interchangeable accessories form part of this collection allowing you to create various styles with a single accessory.
Each ‘ethically chic’ piece is handcrafted by Nicaraguan women who previously lived and worked on the trash dump La Chureca. Now they are artisans.




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The Earth Education Project (EEP) is a UK Charity working in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Americas. Our mission is to empower Nicaraguan women living in situations of violence, in isolated communities with education programmes and job skill training to achieve full time employment, secure a stable income and break the cycle of poverty.

We do this through recycling. We have successfully launched a brand, CHURECA CHIC, to represent the recycled products in the incredibly competitive world of fashion, a world that we want to change through our recycled products.

Waste can empower the marginalised poor with education and provide them with employment. Recycling is fostering sustainable livelihoods for EEP participants and their families and is the key to the long-term sustainability of EEP.

Our vision is to take this model to the countless communities in Nicaragua and internationally that can benefit from our model. connecting communities through transparent and ethical sourcing and production chains, working together to reduce the detrimental impact of rubbish.